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Have you slept?  No.  Are you talking to yourself?  Sometimes.  Are you writing journals to yourself?  Write now.  (Get it!?))

Anyway - I've been awake for over 30 hours making sure these were all ready to go up today.  And... well... some weren't.  I'd like to render the quality up a little higher at the end of "Rockin'" and that one ridiculous page in "New Life", but that can wait until AFTER my holiday.  After an absolutely insane year I'm flying out of the country today and won't be back until mid Sep.  I will endeavour to answer or reply to all your comments as I find wifi.  :D

Hope you enjoyed at least one of the three and talk soon!

OK, since I'm being remarkably rubbish at getting a new comic out, why don't you check out :icondvega:'s comic adaptation of :icontheamberbub:'s 'Carlotta: The Amber Blade' stories.

Hope this keeps your tastebuds wet for some more transformations, and I might even sneak some statues into an upcoming comic myself.  :)
100k page views!  That's awesome everyone.  I'm so happy people enjoy the comics I put out (or are you all here just for the 'hilarious' comments?), and glad you are keen for more.  I imagine a lot of recent views are people checking to see when I'm releasing a new comic?  Well... soonish.  I have been away from home for a big part of this year, but I've had the computer queued up with lots of renders while I was away.  Unfortunately I was just away for a month and the girl looking after my place kept rebooting my computer, so it's not quite finished yet.  That and the fact I got a bit silly with how many things are in the frames, and they're taking AGES to render.  Anyway - Thankyou again for viewing, commenting, faving, sending me notes telling me the llamas are espcaping, and generally making life here awesome.  I promise I am still working hard to deliver more work and hope it's out soon!

I officially have a full comic sitting in my render queue at the moment.  Just added the last panel.  :D

Of course -this doesn't actually mean that you'll be seeing a new comic all that soon, it just means MY work on it is done (and now we wait for my computer to finish...)

EDIT:  A new batch of panels started rendering.  At my current quality settings (5k/pixel, which is OKish low) the panels moved from 6-8 hours/panel to 30-40.  And then one loaded last night that still has 222 hours to go...

Sorry everyone, this might take a while.  :)
Touring Australia at the moment.  For all the ASFR fans loving C3PO, there's going to be 10 times as many people with nightmares from Palpatine.  :)

I think girls are rad; that's why there are so many of them in my comics.  :)  Of course, quite a few of them have been corrupted by whatever powers they possess, but you will see some (very) nasty guys with the same issues turning up soon.  And some normal/nice girls as well. :)

So, to everyone who is still a guy: use your example to teach your sons to respect women in all their forms.  To all the former guys, feminine-objects, inanimates still possessing a female personality, and general girly-things, Happy Internation Women's Day!  :D
Just saw Katy Perry's new clip for 'Dark Horse'.  It's wonderful.  :D

(You can probably guess why I like it)
Sorry folks - scheduler appeared to be broken.   Expect to see 'that' deviation at the end of the month.  If you don't know what I'm talking about... never mind.  ;)

OK - today's mini-sequence was the last of the 'one-offs' for a while.  Back to rendering the next two comics (those that saw the results of the recent poll will know what themes they have ;)).  I'm always online, so happy to answer any questions, or reply to comments.

For those that like inanimate TFs, the purseboy website has reincarnated as BraBound, and features inanimateTF caps (mainly clothing, but a few others in there).  Definitely NSFW.

Also - 50k page views!  Yay! :D 

Firstly: 2013 was certainly a year on the Gregorian Calendar and I hope that the coming year, whatever arbitrary number we decide to assign it, is as factual.  And now that that's out of the way: is back!  TF-Guy used to run it as a hub of, well, transformation media :) and it was a great place for stories and the like.  It's been down for a few years, but now it's back.  Head over (free to sign-up) and have a look.  And Happy New Year!

Hello everyone.  I'm always excited to see all the interesting Christmas TFs that turn up around this time (what a coincidence!), so I thought I'd better add some of my own.  I say my own, but most were suggested in a journal entry from earlier in the month.  I had to modify almost all of the suggestions to fit a 'Christmas Theme', but hopefully you all enjoy.

In terms of comics, I'm always working on them. 

I'm also on holiday at the moment, so it may take me longer than usual to respond to any comments, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't leave them.

Also: Happy Ridvan, Shavout, Eid al-Fitr, Kwanzaa, Shashamane, and all the other religious observances that I'm not going to do TFs for.  :)

The list is now full.  Thanks everyone for their suggestions.  :D
What do you get when you receive a request to see some nice and friendly ballerinas and a request for some hardcore sitophilia?  Easy - combine the two in 'Lauren and Sarah - Part 2'. 
This one was a pain to make.  Who's idea was it to put two full length mirrors OPPOSITE each other?  I thought it was a good idea when I set up the scene, but should have realized from my filming days that THIS WOULD BE A NIGHTMARE!!!!  The things you learn staring at a rendering computer...
Anyway, the TFs in this one were requests from two of the more patient people on DA, :icongugubu: and :iconcinderella123456:.  I hope you all enjoy.  :D

Here's an odd request - I need someone to draw me a horse picture (not just any! Don't start sending me horses!), and the person I was waiting to commission is not opening commissions until next year.  So, know any artists that can draw animals/anthro-things, etc. well and take commissions?  I realize there are quite a few on Furaffinity, but was hoping someone had an artist they have dealt with previously.  Or perhaps you are secretly hiding a talent for equine art? 


It needs to be reasonable quality as it is a logo (what you would see on a T-shirt or a poster for example ;) ), so really looking for artists with some graphic design as well, but I'm quite happy to pay for it.  It will also feature in a few upcoming comics.  Send me a note or comment below.  Cheers, JB.

For those out there that like statues and such, just letting you know that the Legacy of Timeless Beauty Story Archive has had TWO updates in the last fortnight.  :)  If you haven't checked it out recently, you should.

Just finished reading 'Curses and Misfortune', a longer fantasy-set tale by a new author.  It was great; a few good statue TFs, plenty of girls, and a much better writing style than you would expect from a "new" author.  Hopefully they start posting their stuff on DA soon.  :)

Quick update on comics:  had to put together two non-DA related comics over the past 3 weeks (and no - probably not going to post them here as they have actual people in them) so DA comics got put on hold.  Currently rendering page 13 of 18 of the latest one (at about 48 hours/page for those that care) so should be up next week. 

If you haven't seen; I'm going to leave up the voting widget about the next comic until the new one comes out, so please vote (and comment!) as to what you would like to see next.  And don't worry - I'll be doing both anyway.  :)

Also just noticed that the new Scott Lynch book is out.  If you haven't read his work, do so as it is marvellous.  :D 

For those that thought today's update looked familiar, I was simply updating an older comic's missing pages (now with extra blur!).  Was kind of annoying that you could only see half the comic, and nothing blurred out really affects the 'story'.  :) 

In terms of an actual update - just got back home, so starting work on the next comic right now.
Another request done.  This time I managed to fit it into the introduction for Miss Li and her lovely assistant Jessica (yes, she does listen to a lot of ZZ Top).  Expect many more adventures (and TFs) in their little store.  Also, I'm almost certain my subconscious has simply amalgamated Naga's Sorceress and Ms. Chan , with a side of Ms. Magnolia.  Go and check out the Den and show the lovely snake-lady lots of love for being an inspiration to us all (it's currently updating for the first time in over two years at the moment - check it out!)
I know what you're thinking.  "Hey - I really liked that nice and friendly TG comic about the faerie and the broken-down guy (it's a metaphor! ;)), so I should check what that JB guy is up to now.  Hey, look - a new comic!  I'll just click on that and...what?..wait... OMG!  What is she doing to that poor guy!?"

Yes - sometimes I have the urge to turn people into streetlights and leave them there.  And sometimes thoughts have hyperlinks in them.  Anyway - it's out of my system now.  And speaking of lights - yes, it's dark.  Trust me - there are some things you don't want to see with correct exposure... :)

And hey - here's a nice friendly pin-up pic of some TG'd girls.  Maybe just check that out.  :)
Hey - check it out, a TG Comic that's completely vanilla!  Woo! 

The first of three requests I'm in the process of completing, this one for SexyCurvyBabe (who clearly has the best user name on DA).  It also allowed me to introduce the Red Faerie, the slightly less extreme (but equally life-changing) cousin of the Green Faerie.
I should also clarify that all requests may (and generally will) be stolen, modified, added to, edited, and generally made to fit into the universe as I see fit.  And then I'll spend about 9 months completing it.  But feel free to send them and I'll see what we can do.  :)